Don’t allow the devil to dictate your outcom

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13).  There are times when you are driven to your knees in despair.  Times when the impossible seems to have happened and solutions far away.  Problems and trials have risen up like an unconquerable mountain, and fear and desperation have overcome you.  Sometimes it may even seem as if the solutions will never come.  Every agonizing step drains you even more, and you are scared and tired.  Depression takes the place of joy, and the future begins to look hopeless. Even in our darkest hour, though, there is hope.  A hope predicated on our belief that we are not alone: that God will keep his promise in Heb. 13:6 never to leave or forsake us; a belief that we can do all things and therefore overcome all of life’s challenges with “Him who strengthens” us.

Our outcome, written in the annuls of a time long before we ever took our first breath, was not predetermined by a God who chose this person or that one to be His elect.  Instead, that same God gave us time, intelligence and choice to make the final destination one of our choosing.  That said, there will be times, those times on your knees, when the universe seems to be conspiring against you, when the pain and suffering of this brief moment we call life overtakes you, when you may secretly wish for the end to come quickly.  You may even feel like death would be a welcome relief from all the uncertainty, pain, and anguish you are experiencing. When you are in the midst of that moment, please don’t give into it.  Instead, look up, close your eyes, and pray.  Ask for the strength to persevere, take the punches, and continue in faith because you are not alone.  You have God, the loving and merciful Creator, on your side.

There are professionals, knowledgeable and experienced in helping souls like you when they feel like they are their wit’s end.  You have friends, family, and even strangers praying for you and who are willing to help you.  You have people who are inspired by what you do and who you are.  They need your love, your kindness, and your support when they have their turn in the octagon of pain.  The strength you show during your suffering may be the only thing the inspires them to fight.  Your victory will inspire theirs.  Think of them and fight for yourself and them.  You do not belong to some weak god who promises everything and delivers nothing.  You belong to a God who is omnipotent.  You will overcome it because you have Christ in your heart, and with Him, all things are possible.  Your outcome will not always be what you desire, but you will not fight alone, and you will persevere until He calls you home – and we will have the gift of your precious life, your smile, your hugs, and your love for a treasured while longer.

And remember, when you have those specific thoughts, understand it is not God calling you home, but something more sinister, more evil, that wants to separate you from your God.  Don’t give in – don’t allow the devil to determine your outcome.

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