Show me the scripture

After my post yesterday, at least two concerned readers questioned my youth ministry reference.  They both made similar comments and asked me to show them scriptures to defend youth ministers.  There is no explicit mention of youth ministers in the Bible.  Now, before you throw your hands up, pat yourself on the back and claim a decisive victory over the “liberals,” read the rest of the post.  Over time the church realized the enormous pressure modern society was having on the teens of the day, and as a result, youth ministry developed.  The spiritual needs of “children” are the same as adults, but the approach is different.

Allow me to recall my experience, which I am sure mirrors many who filled or are filling that position in a church somewhere in the world.  More than 20 kids were baptized as a direct result of that ministry.  They came because someone in the group invited them to spend time with the group and then attend church.  Would they have come if there was no youth group where they could first go and be approached in a specific way?  I called most of them yesterday, and five said they would have attended church with a friend irrespective of the youth group.  Two were not sure.  I could not get in touch with two others, but that leaves eleven (assuming the two side with the previous group).

Eleven saved souls as a direct result of the youth group.  One of them attended two preaching schools and is a successful minister today.  Of course, they (opponents) would claim that there is no scripture for ministers either, but that does not change the fact that he is saved.  In fact, except for the two I failed to contact, all eighteen are faithful to this day.  I am not sure if you are aware of the statistics, but that is a remarkable rate of faithfulness.  So, as I said to one reader, I will never apologize for my time as a youth minister.  Our group directly caused them to study and put Christ on in baptism.  And, for those who used the youth group to escape the misery they encountered daily at home and find solace and safety there – what of them?  But I have a question or two for the opponents – can you comment and tell those young adults their baptism was invalid?  Were they invalid?  Were they “predestined” to find Christ anyway?  Do you believe in predestination?

I have a few more questions for you.  Some may apply to you specifically, and some may not, but feel free to correct my erroneous thought with scripture for all of the following.  Show me scriptures that specifically address song leaders.  Or show me scriptures that address PowerPoint.  What about Bible study before service or Wednesday evening service?  How about scriptures that address church buildings outside of the home.  Could you not have used the money for the building, rent, utilities, etc., for the needy? (of course, you can attend the synagogue, but only to outreach to Jews.  What about a woman speaking in church?  Do you allow your ladies to share their opinions outside of the actual auditorium but still within the confines of the “building”?  While you are at it, show the scriptures for classrooms, foyers, etc. What about seminars, counseling, or other activities in the church?

Address some or all of them.  Some are there to make it easier to contend; some are not.  But here is the biggest and by far the most important statement/question for you, and I would prefer you to defend this one with scripture first.  You are on what is arguably the most licentious, most “evil” platform ever to have been introduced to humanity.  Even as you read this, hate is being spewed out on it; millions of men, women, and children are watching pornography of other evils.  Please show me the scripture to defend the group you are currently on or Facebook for that fact.  Don’t be selective and draw a circle of righteousness around yourself and your minimalistic scriptural practices while you support one of the richest,  ant-Christian platforms on the world wide web.  A WWW that contains satanism, openly licentious sites, pornography, and evolution, to name but a few tools Satan can use to draw the weak away from the loving hand of God.  We trust you are attending or will find a church that shares your narrow views, and we wish you well – but we will continue to do whatever is in our power, using all the modern tools we can to reach those who are lost in sin.

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