What are you a reflection of?

1st Samuel 16:7, “For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”  As a counselor, more than one teen has come up to me in the past and complained about how people viewed them.  Maybe they were not good-looking enough, not sporty enough, or simply not cool enough to satisfy the egocentric nature of a group of ignorant people in their school.  After hearing them speak, I would point to a saying I had written on a whiteboard in my office, “I am who I AM says I am.”  This is not something you will find in the Bible, but it is an important one that absolutely has its foundations in it.

We live in a world where the popular media decides what “cool” is.  It determines what weight we should be, the shape of our bodies, what we should wear and how we should act, etc.  It is also a world where those who do not measure up to those prescribed standards are judged as if they designed themselves and made some huge mistake.  “You are so ugly!”, “How can you live with yourself, fatty?”, “You are as dumb as a rock, you idiot!”, “If I were as ugly as you, I would kill myself!” and “You are just a monkey!” are only some of the disparaging things they are forced to hear daily.  Well, let me tell you something today, “GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES.”

God designed you with intent.  He did not look at a fake, photoshopped model in “Vogue” magazine as the blueprint for what you should look like.  He did not take the sculpting knife and begin to shape you into that model, only to be distracted by a squirrel in the yard and slip up.  He did not look at you and say, “Oh, My, that was a mistake, but I am running behind and will have to let this one go as is.”  Unlike the world, God will not place those considered beautiful before you in heaven.  There will not be a group of “cool” kids and then the “rest.”  He will not discriminate based on your imperfections because your outward appearance is of no heavenly value.  You are a beautiful creature created by a perfect God.

Please don’t listen to the ignorance of those who attack you for not looking like them.  They are the insecure, egocentric ones who need self-affirmation to make themselves feel relevant and important.  Usually, they are hiding some pain, some deep, dark secret, and the only way they can cope is to belittle other people.  Pity them even as they denigrate you because they are way sadder than you are.  You are not the ugly one; they are.  Stand up, keep your head high and walk in the confidence of knowing that God made every inch of you just the way He wanted.  And I bet you anything when He finished He stood back and was especially proud of you.  Why? Because your personality, your humility and respect for others, your patience and kindness, your tolerance, and your love for humanity – even those who insult you – is a reflection of what He desires.

Now, if all that you are is a reflection of what God desires in man, what are they are reflections of?   Their haughty attitude will not win them any prizes, and their selfish, hateful behavior will be a massive obstacle to them on the Day of Judgment.  When you are viciously mocked for your looks, personality, race, ethnicity, social status, or sex, recite the following to yourself, “I am who I AM says I am, not them. I don’t have to try and live up to their standard because I already live up to His. I find my happiness in Him, not in them.  He is my God, not them and their insecure friends.” what

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